Restore, Replace, and Paint: The Dean Mitchell Group Does It All

Residential Painting Services

One of the most utilized painting services that the Dean Mitchell Group does in West Palm Beach is residential painting! At the Dean Mitchell Group, we believe that exterior paint must do more than only benefit your home’s appearance. Between the humidity, heat, and constant rain, living in South Florida comes with its share of brutal weather. This reason is why the Dean Mitchell Group believes paint is the first line of defense between your investment and nature. The Dean Mitchell Group’s highly skilled professionals will apply this protective barrier with superb preparation and application so that you can get the image you want at an affordable price. At the Dean Mitchell Group, our mantra is creating the right look and feel for your home with the least amount of disruption to you! When you choose the Dean Mitchell Group for your residential painting job, you’ll go through our detailed interior process:

  • A mutually agreed-upon project timeline
  • Professional applicators taking pride in their work
  • Thorough surface preparation before any materials are applied
  • A neat, clean job site
  • Premium grade products with colors to match your requirements


Restoration Services

The Dean Mitchell Group does not just stop at offering quality commercial and residential painting services, we also provide restoration services for those in West Palm Beach! Life is unpredictable; a fire can erupt, a pipe can burst, or a tree breaks your roof. Whatever the case may be, look no further than the Dean Mitchell Group to restore your property to its original state. Two of the most sought-after restoration services in West Palm Beach are water damage mitigation and mold mitigation. Fortunately, the Dean Mitchell Group offers both at affordable prices!


Water Damage Mitigation

Whether it’s a roof leak or a broken pipe, standing water in your home is never good. If water sits on your floor for too long, mold will begin to grow and damage your floor further. When water damage is present in your home, you need the trained technicians at the Dean Mitchell Group to mitigate your water damage immediately. Our staff will extract the standing water, stabilize the environment, and provide structure-drying services utilizing refrigerant or desiccant dehumidification. Using powerful truck-mounted extraction units, the technicians will remove all standing water present and transfer it out of your home efficiently and effectively. The technicians will also use moisture meters and HEPA air filtration devices to ensure all signs of moisture are dried and salvaged. Trust the Dean Mitchell Group to mitigate your water damage!


Mold Mitigation

It might go without saying, but mold is a dangerous substance. Mold can develop when moisture-damaged structures improperly dry. If left untreated, mold can destroy the structure and cause severe and long-term health problems. If a standing water problem has turned to a mold epidemic, do not fear, the Dean Mitchell Group also provides mold mitigation services in West Palm Beach! Our team of trained technicians can clean, disinfect, deodorize, and ultimately restore contents by utilizing the Esporta Wash System. This wash system allows us to altogether remove bacteria, fungus, mildew, mold, and odor from all soft goods inside your building. We also use an O’Dell Electronics Restoration booth to restore your electronics and an Ozone Room to deodorize larger household items. Dean Mitchell Group has a highly trained staff of remediation supervisors and technicians who hold industry certifications in water damage and mold remediation. Accurate record-keeping and documentation, strict adherence to industry guidelines, and remediation protocols, along with trained remediation specialists, ensures your property will be restored correctly and in a timely manner. And the Dean Mitchell Group will also ensure that your insurance claim is handled quickly, efficiently, and with accuracy!


DEAN MITCHELL GROUP provides restoration, construction and painting services for commercial, residential and homeowner and condominium associations. Specialties include water damage mitigation, fire disaster restoration, mold remediation, content cleaning, pack-out, exterior painting and interior painting services. To learn about protecting your home or business from loss, enhancing your property’s appeal or recovering from emergencies, contact Dean Mitchell Group today at 561-881-8567 or visit

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