What Are the 2020 Trends for Residential Painting in West Palm Beach?

When it comes to trends for residential painting in West Palm Beach, there’s no better team to ask than the paint professionals at Dean Mitchell Group. We’ve been in this business for years, meaning that we’ve seen the changes of trends for many, many seasons. As 2020 spring arrives, it’s important to see where the year is taking homeowners in terms of color, and design. If you’re interested in giving your home a boost this spring, keep reading to learn what’s on-trend, and what’s not! 


2020 Color Theories for Residential Painting in West Palm Beach 


One of the most common trends we’re seeing this year are shades of green. The primary reasoning for these green tones is that as a society, we’re transitioning to a place of becoming more dependent on peace, as we live relatively stressful lives. Green emits a color of harmony, allowing us to unwind in the privacy of our own homes, before rejoining the rest of the world in rushed-pacing. The important thing to note is that the greens that are trending are not loud and vibrant. In fact, they’re far more earthy, which fits into the need for nature, peace, and serenity. These are muted enough that they can be used to cover an entire room, but expressive enough that the color can work well on an accent wall. 


Staying within the cooler color systems, blues are on the rise. This is a refreshing realization, as the all-white method that made an impact for the last few years slowly start to phase out. As with the greens, the blue tones we’re seeing are not aggressive. They’re muted, and appear to be almost beach-inspired. The trend projection for 2020 for blues is that they’ll be warmer than in the past, but still within the cool color palette. 


There is one shade of blue that’s going to be a bit darker than the rest, and that’s navy. Navy was in a few years ago and transitioned out due to the minimalistic movement. While it’s not being used for full coverage, it’s an excellent option for an accent wall, accent shelving, or nook. The 2020 projection is that it will be partnered with shades of warmer greys, which will give a nautical theme to any home. This type of navy and grey screams sophistication, yet feels light enough to inspire play. 


In essence, the color themes for 2020 are still cool, but they are moving towards warmer tones. If you’re looking to paint your home this spring, move forward with these colors in mind! If you’re looking for a company specializing in residential painting in West Palm Beach to assist, you’re in the right place! At Dean Mitchell Group, we’re painters first and foremost. However, we’re also experts in restoration, construction, and more. Don’t let just anyone paint your home this season. Instead, allow years of experience, a trustworthy reputation, and kind customer care inspire your choice. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’re here to help you achieve your home dreams. Contact us today at 561-881-8567. 

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