How to Choose the Right Painting Company to Paint Your South Florida Home

When it comes to choosing residential painting companies, you’ll need to know whom to trust. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Finding a company you believe in takes years of research, or a solid, word-of-mouth reference. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’ve seen as many homeowners have hired a company unqualified to paint their homes, only to be upset by the quality of work. That’s why we’ve created this list of tips when searching for the perfect residential painting company. Keep reading to learn more! 


  • Trust Word of Mouth for Residential Painting Companies 


Perhaps the best way to find a painting company you can trust is to get recommendations from friends and family. If one company painted a friend or family member’s home, chances are they’re a reliable source. It’s one of the best forms of advertising for the company. The better they perform their tasks, the more reliable they are in the eye of the community. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’re proud to say that many of our jobs come from word of mouth marketing. We want our clients to be highly satisfied, and from there, they trust us enough to send us those closest to them. 


  • Read Online Reviews 


If you’re questioning working with a company, you should never just call out of the blue. Again, it’s important to do your research, as you’ll want to know how good they are at their jobs, how reliable they are, and how clean they’ll be in your home. By reading online reviews, you’ll be able to get a sense of how these painters treat their clients. You’ll be able to understand how good of a job they’ve done. Sometimes, companies ever respond to reviews. If they’ve responded with anger towards an old client, chances are you’ll not want to work with them. If they’ve responded with grace, chances are they’re professionals and care about their brand and services. 


  • Look for Awards 


Sometimes, painting companies have awards that they’ve won from local communities or online forums. These awards will let you know that the company you’re considering is actually a professional team and that they’ve worked hard to achieve the accolades they’re presenting. 


  • Pricing and Deadline 


Two of the most important questions you can ask a painting company is their pricing and their deadline. How much will it cost to perform your required tasks, do they have any discounts, and when do they project finishing the project? If their prices are higher than normal, you should find someone else. If they are projecting a completion date weeks out, you should find someone else. You’ll also want to be careful of those who offer ultra-low prices. Ensure you read to reviews to get a sense of the quality of their work. 


A few questions you can ask your painting company are: 

  • Are you insured? 
  • Do you have your licenses?
  • How many years of experience do you have? 
  • Do you have warranties? 
  • What products do you use? 

A professional team should be able and willing to answer any questions with care and kindness. If you’re looking for a residential painting company that can offer fast, efficient, affordable, and compassionate services, contact the experts at Dean Mitchell Group today. We have the experience, reputation, and genuine client care to make your painting endeavor a smooth one.  Call our team today at 561-881-8567.

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