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Many people are under the assumption that spotting water damage in South Florida is an easy fix. The idea that this damage will either present itself in plain sight or be heard isn’t always the case. 

More often than not we see water damage escalated as much as it is because it goes unnoticed for so long. That is why it’s so important to know what signs to look for. Once you do, as soon as you notice something is a little off, you know to call in the experts at Dean Mitchell Group. 

If you do have water damage, we can take note of it and get started on the restoration right away. The sooner we get started on drying the home and removing the water, the better the structure of the home will fare. 

However, getting a jumpstart on remediation means knowing what to look for. To get an idea of the five key signs your home has water damage, keep reading. We cover everything you need to know.

  • Your Water Bill Has Increased

The signs of water damage are not always a burst pipe or a leaky roof. There are inconspicuous ways to know that you have a problem on your hands. One way is by taking a look at your water bill. Sometimes the bill goes up and down because we decided to take a few extra showers or had guests stay over. However, if nothing has changed, the water bill shouldn’t see a significant increase. If it does, you could have a leaky pipe hiding somewhere.

  • There’s a Musty Odor

One of the more clear signs of water damage is a musty odor in the home. This odor will usually be able to be detected slightly but gets worse the closer you get to the water damage. If you walk throughout your house and notice the musty odor getting worse and worse, you could have some mold growth. And as many of us know, mold follows water. That hot, humid, and wet atmosphere is exactly what it needs to thrive.

  • Bubbled Paint or Wallpaper

Another physical sign that gives away water damage in South Florida is bubbling on the walls, floors, and ceiling. This bubbling will look soft to the touch and grow as more and more water leaks into it. As soon as you spot this sign, it’s a good idea to give our team a call. Having a leaky faucet or roof is one thing, but having water behind the structure is another. This area is where the real damage is done.

  • You Hear the Water Running

When you first hear the sound of water running, you might assume it’s all in your head. But never ignore this sign. The best thing to do is double-check all of the faucets and showers to make sure nothing was left on. If that does not resolve the sound, it’s likely something behind the walls. In that case, reach out to our team at Dean Mitchell Group as soon as possible. Having a mysterious leak does way more harm than it does good. And the longer it goes on, the more it’s going to cost you in damages.

  • Your Home Has Outdated Pipes

Now, not every home with outdated or older pipes is going to have water damage in South Florida, but, it’s a contributing factor. Sometimes older pipes are more susceptible to bursting or leaking. So if you notice any of the above signs and remember you have outdated pipes, it could very well mean you have water damage. 

At the very least, it’s a good idea to get everything looked at by a team of professionals. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

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Next time you notice any of the above signs and start to wonder if you have water damage, don’t fall victim to the “it won’t happen to me” mindset. Reach out to the Dean Mitchell Group to get everything checked. Water damage has some obvious signs, but it also has some signs that can go hidden for some time. As soon as you notice anything that could point to water damage, it’s always best to have a team of experts check it out. If you’re reading this and currently have one or two signs that could point to water damage, give our team a call today at (561) 881-8567.

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