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Are you prepared for hurricane season?

Editor’s Note: The following is a Guest Editorial from a member of the Jupiter area community.

Hurricane season is a time in Florida when we as residents are always waiting for that next storm.

We’ve seen the small ones blow through and the tragic ones that have left behind devastation.

We also know the importance of being prepared and what a difference that makes. As a local company who has weathered storms and helped many communities get back on their feet, Dean Mitchell Restoration is answering your questions so you are ready.


No storm warning has been issued but I want to prepare early so if we do get a storm this season I don’t have to scramble at the last minute. What can I do to prepare now?

Answer: There are a number of things that we actually recommend residents to do well in advance of a storm hitting. To be prepared early you can:

  • Have your vegetation trimmed. You don’t want to have loose branches when strong winds are coming through.
  • Compile a list of numbers for your local emergency officials. You may need this if there is an emergency during or after the storm.
  • Find out if you are in an evacuation zone (and find out the evacuation route if so).
  • Learn the elevation of your property and if you may be in a flood-prone area. If you are, plan an alternate location to stay during the storm.
  • One that people don’t think of but is important, is to identify a restoration company early. If you have any damage you can call them directly and can know you are getting quality work and not inflated pricing.


A storm warning has been issued. Now what do I do?

Answer: Once you are certain that storm is coming, the clock is ticking to prepare your property. All furniture, toys, trash cans, basically anything that is not secured to the ground should be brought inside.

All windows should be covered with hurricane shutters or wood (note: tape will not prevent a window from breaking) and garage doors should be reinforced. If wind enters the garage it could cause costly structural damage.

You should also be sure that your supply kit is fully stocked, and there is enough food, water and supplies for everyone who will be with you during and after the storm.

If you have a gas grill, be sure to turn of f the propane. If you have a boat or jet ski, be sure they are secured or in a safe location.


The storm is gone and I have damage. What can I do now? How do I know who to call and what to do?

Answer: First off, it is important to be very cautious of your surroundings after the storm.

Continue listening to radio and television updates for additional information. Keep away from loose power lines and report them; avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water as it may be contaminated; and watch your pets closely — be cautious of wild animals that may have been misplaced during the storm.

A most important note for residents with generators is to never use them inside!

When searching for a company to help repair your damage, you should first ask for referrals and do a search on the Internet or through the Better Business Bureau.

You’ll be able to find out quickly if a company has a bad reputation.

You should try to f ind someone who has experience with whatever damage you have — whether flooding, mold or other damage, be sure to use someone who specializes in what you need.

T his is also an important reason you should research companies in your area in advance of a storm. It will help to expedite the process later.

To learn more about the services Dean Mitchell Restoration provides in the community, please visit www.deanmitchellgroup. com or call 561-881-8567.

Dean Mitchell Group has a Jupiter location, at 430 Toney Penna Drive, Suite 1.

Paul Licata Dean Mitchell Group

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