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Blown Away

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Michelle Kaplan

The saying goes that you can never be too prepared.

In light of recent weather activities across the country such as tornados, floods, fires and right here at home in the midst of South Florida’s hurricane season, that saying has never rang truer.

“Being prepared is key in reducing disaster for any home or business,” said Paul Licata, director of business development for Dean Mitchell Restoration.

Dean Mitchell Restoration – a top restoration and remediation company in South Florida – has developed new software that can ease the mind of business owners everywhere: faciliSmart.

faciliSmart is a web-based crisis mitigation software tool that can help minimize losses during emergency events. The software is designed for property, facility, school and hospital managers to simplify disaster planning.

Using faciliSmart, claims can be processed faster, getting you back to the business of doing business faster; time, after all, is money and hurricane season typically sets us back about $1.8 billion in damages annually.

Imagine being able to access critical systems from anywhere. With this custom-made system, your team can spring into action, accessing emergency protocol on their cell phones so everyone can be on the same page. When everyone knows what role they play during an emergency, nothing is left to chance. What could be a chaotic scenario can now be controlled.

So what happens to your company when an actual emergency strikes?

Maybe you’re prepared and have a crisis plan in place. Usually someone is in charge of that plan. Unfortunately, it’s not inaccessible to the entire team. In fact, while the crisis is occurring, that plan could be locked away in someone’s desk drawer – making it useless.

faciliSmart will instantly contact key personnel, alerting them to the crisis. They can instantly pull up emergency plans and gain access to critical systems allowing them to take immediate action; they can literally shut down their systems, protecting them, all in real time.

For more information about faciliSmart, visit or contact Dean Mitchell Restoration directly at (561) 881-2142. For solid advice on hurricane preparedness.

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