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Are you in need of construction companies in West Palm Beach? Are you needing a contractor for more jobs than one? Are you dealing with a remodel, restoration, and a new build-out? If so, you’ll need a company that can truly handle it all, and at Dean Mitchell Group, that’s precisely what we do best. When we tell our clients what we do, we sum it up by saying that we’re their one-stop-shop contracting company, specializing in the tiniest details and projects, to large-scale creations. Whatever you’re in need of, you can rest at ease knowing that there’s a construction company out there ready to help you reach your goals. If you’re interested to see what a full-service construction company offers, keep reading! 

Top Services from Quality Construction Companies in West Palm Beach 

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand what a construction company can do for you. At Dean Mitchell Group, we offer a plethora of services that can help clients from start to finish. Something we always guarantee is our experience, our quality, our craftsmanship, and our qualified team. When you mix all of these details together, you get service like you’ve never experienced before. We know that working with an outside company can be scary, especially when they’re in and around your home. You want to be selective with whom you let into your safe space, and that’s completely understandable. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’re compassionate with our clients, and we’re respectful of their time and space. Allow our team to show you what genuine customer care is really like! 

Now that you know a bit more about our team, it’s time to dive into what we do. When we say that we’re full-service, we mean it! First, let’s start with the simple services. We’re incredible painters, and that includes internal and external projects. We also have experience in a multitude of mediums, scales, and sizes. Whether you’re an airport looking for a makeover, or you own a one-bedroom apartment, we’re the team to help you make your dreams come true. We also offer commercial cleaning services, and content cleaning services. 

Another area that we specialize in includes devastation relief services. These are water damage related, fire damage related, and mold damage related. In South Florida, it’s no secret that we undergo harsh weather patterns all year round. We experience hurricanes, tropical storms, and unwavering hours of strong sunlight. Over time, these natural weather patterns can deteriorate any structure, no matter how stable and strong they seem to be. When this happens, you’ll need a team that’s available to help you rebuild what has been destroyed, or dampened. 

If you’re prepping for hurricane season, Dean Mitchell Group is the team you’ll want on speed-dial. After a hurricane, people are scrambling to find a construction company to help them repair their damages. The sooner you can call, the better off you’ll be! Hurricanes are common in Florida, and it’s no secret that it’s the season. Act fast, and plan carefully, by knowing that you have skilled craftsman on your side ready to assist in an emergency. 

To put it simply, our services include construction services, restoration and remediation services, and painting services. What makes working with our team great, is that we’re here for any project, no matter the scale. If you have a roof leak, for example, you’ll need a team that can assess the roof damage. Then, you’ll need a company that can clean out the water and disinfect the space. Then, you’ll need a company that can help you repair walls, flooring, and baseboards. While you’d traditionally need to hire three different companies, now you have the ability to work with one company, from beginning to end. Contact Dean Mitchell Group today at 561-881-8567. We’re here when you need us!

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