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How Can Remodeling Help After a Hurricane?

In South Florida, we always heard that each year prior was the year for a catastrophic hurricane. We would lightly stock our homes and tie down our outdoor flyaways. Then each year passed, and we never saw anything that really shook the community, or made us consider how terrible a hurricane could really be. However, after Hurricane Irma earlier this year, our thought processes changed. As thousands evacuated and attempted to ready their homes as much as possible, the reality is that many homes in South Florida are not as hurricane ready as they should be. 

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At Dean Mitchell Group, we specialize in the reconstruction of homes, and this includes preparing homes with the right protection for hurricane season. Before a massive storm strikes, it’s helpful to take pre-cautionary measures. Of course, we know that can be a long checklist, and when a hurricane strikes, our timing is limited. A starting point for any homeowner is to take a look outside. Trimming any large shrubbery or branches can minimize the risk of the landscaping causing damage to your nearby home. Also, hurricanes usually create at least minor disturbances, and having your insurance policies on hand and familiarized can be incredibly useful after the storm is over. 

At the beginning of hurricane season, having an inspector come to your home and take a look at potential hazard areas will save you stress if another Irma comes into town. There are a few places an inspector would want to check. One of the most important safety measures deals with a home’s roof and windows.  You’ll want to make sure that your windows and roof are solid enough to withstand any heavy winds, and that your walls are sturdy enough as well. Along with structural concerns, you’ll also want to be sure that your windows are not rusted or damaged. Sometimes the smallest intricacies can be a serious problem if not efficiently tended to, so we recommend not glazing over what seems like a smaller issue.  

This year, many people lost their homes or businesses to natural disasters. Massive hurricanes hit the United States coasts in multiple different places, causing havoc, flooding, and devastating destruction. Natural disasters are certainly an uncontrollable force, and unfortunately, what lies in its path is not up to us. While our homes are our familiar and comfortable places, tragedies do happen, and at Dean Mitchell Group, we’re here to help you remodel and rebuild any damages that have been done. We continue to keep close relationships with those we work with because of our quality of work, and our quick time turn-around times. Hurricanes are a threat to South Florida, and having a local team you can trust with your home creates peace of mind during hurricane season. 

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