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Mold is a problem that impacts many homes and commercial structures, with 45 million buildings reporting high levels every year. Sadly, most people don’t take the issue seriously and assume that the mold goes away. They end up exposing themselves to a variety of conditions to include asthma, sinus infections, and toxins affecting their immune system. 

Many people hire anyone to handle mold mitigation and believe everything will be ok. The trouble starts with them making critical mistakes in the process, and they don’t think about if the contractor is qualified. The mold is not removed, and the situation becomes worse with it expanding to other areas. 

Keep reading to learn more about these mistakes and how you can avoid them.  

There is Mold without a Test

Many mold mitigation contractors will come out and tell you there is mold without performing any tests. These are the first signs you may be working with an unreputable firm for mold mitigation in West Palm Beach. Those companies that are true professionals will do a series of tests to look for mold. The most notable include air quality, swab, tape, and ERMI testing to evaluate what is happening objectively. You want to work with a company that comes out and has a scientific process for understanding the situation with your property. 

Third-Party Verification

Anytime you are working with a mold mitigation contractor, it is critical to have their tests and quality evaluated by a third party. The best approach is to do pre and post-testing through an independent lab. Pre-testing is when a third party measures the levels of spores inside versus the outside of the property. It is sent off to the lab to issue you a report about the hazards and possible dangers inside. Post testing does the same thing, but only after the job is finished to ensure quality and everything is handled correctly. 

The main reasons you want third-party testing are to double-check and make sure there is a mold issue. The testing confirms that there is a problem and identifies what steps must be taken to solve it. 

After the work is finished, you want to have the post-test to ensure it is done correctly. The idea is to give you the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right and avoid any scams. 

Lastly, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends pre and post-tests to ensure everything is handled correctly. Any contractor that questions or refuses third-party testing should be avoided, as they have something to hide and don’t want the truth to come out. 

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