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If you are looking for painting services in Florida, you may have seen contractors mention that they are a residential or commercial painting company or both. However, paint is paint, aren’t the same steps and protocols involved in residential and commercial painting?

Not entirely. The painting protocols may be similar; however, the projects themselves are very different from each other.  Residential and commercial painters are two separate professions, even though there is plenty of overlap.

Due to this reason, you may see contractors and companies mentioning they offer residential and/or commercial painting services. To help you better understand the distinction, we have identified a few key reasons why the painting industry differentiates between residential and commercial painting.

Before we start, always remember to contact the best residential and commercial painting company in Florida, Dean Mitchell Group, for all your painting needs.

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painting

Here are some of the main reasons why the painting industry sets apart residential and commercial painting.

  • Man Power

It stands to reason that the bigger the paint job, the more workforce it requires to complete on time. Since commercial spaces like buildings, condos, malls, restaurants, warehouses, etc., require much larger areas to be painted, they require more workers to complete the job in time.

So, while a residential space may take a few workers to finish the job in the allotted period, commercial space will take many more workers to finish in the same time. Therefore, the number of workers for a commercial paint job far outnumbers those for a residential paint job.

Typically, commercial projects require, and allot, more time than residential projects; however, they still need many more workers than residential projects.

  • Cost of Paint and Labor

Naturally, larger spaces require more paint to complete the job. A commercial painting company may require you to pay more for the extra paint your commercial project requires. Additionally, since more workforce is involved, the cost of labor also goes up for commercial projects.

On the other hand, residential projects require less paint, labor, and time, which means they have lower paint and labor costs. However, a quality painting company will always offer you a fair estimate for the job, determined by the project’s challenges and covered surface area.

  • Experience

In terms of experience in painting, commercial painters typically have the edge over residential painters. They work at length on every single project and face unique challenges. The demand for commercial painters is also much higher than their counterparts, and they have usually worked on multiple projects.

Residential painters may not have as much experience because they have lower demand and typically work similarly for most homes. They may have experience in homes, but it requires further training and experience to work on commercial projects.

So, while a commercial painter may easily overcome residential painting challenges, a residential painter may not be the best option for commercial projects.

  • Schedule Flexibility

A commercial painting company may offer a more flexible schedule that favors you because they can work overnight and not interfere with the operational hours of your commercial property. Whereas residential painters often work at regular schedules during business hours.


These were just some of the main differences between residential and commercial painting, and there are more, which we can discuss another time.

For now, you hopefully have a better understanding of why the painting industry distinguishes between the two. There is another crucial factor in the range of services provided by these two contractors and companies.

A residential painting company typically offers fewer services, while a commercial painting company may offer more services like construction services, restoration services, and even residential painting.

One such commercial painting company is the Dean Mitchell Group, which offers all the mentioned services at the highest quality standards in Florida.If you want to learn more about the difference between residential and commercial painting, or if you want the services of the best commercial painting company in Florida, please visit our website today.

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