Disaster Restoration Services

Disaster Restoration Services are Our Specialty

When you’re faced with fire, water, smoke or mold damage, you want the best disaster restoration services available in West Palm Beach. The professional team of technicians at Dean Mitchell Group is the best choice for disaster restoration. When you’re facing any kind of damage to your home, your most expensive asset, it’s time to call in the experts. Don’t leave it to amateurs to fix the problem and clean it up. Our licensed restoration team can handle any water, mold, and flooding or fire damage situation.   

The Dean Mitchell Group is a complete restoration and disaster restoration services contractor. We handle all aspects of disaster relief from the initial cleanup to the renovation and restoration. Working with one damage cleanup and restoration company instead of two different companies will make things go faster and less stressful for you. Dean Mitchell Group offers:   

  • Reconstruction services and clean-up 
  • Expert commercial and residential painting services 
  • Water damage restoration  
  • Fire disaster restoration 
  • Smoke remediation  
  • Mold remediation 

Tips for hiring a reliable disaster restoration company   

When it comes to damage restoration, you want to be sure you’re calling on a reliable team who are experts in their respective field. But, how do you know one company from another if you’ve never had to call a restoration service before? Here are our top tips for identifying water damage restoration experts:   

  1. Are they licensed? This is very important to consider because you’d be surprised how many companies today are not licensed. The team at Dean Mitchell Group is licensed by the state of Florida.  
  2. Longevity. We have been providing comprehensive damage restoration services for nearly three decades and we have amassed commercial and residential accolades over our years of service.   
  3. Availability. Water, mold or fire damage is sometimes random like with a natural disaster or flood. So, we can’t predict when it will happen. That is why it’s imperative to hire a disaster restoration company in West Palm Beach that offers help at any time of day. At Dean Mitchell Group, we offer 24/7 availability for your water and fire-related emergencies.    
  4. Service areas. When you’re looking for disaster restoration services, it’s important to choose a company that offers services in a broad area. At Dean Mitchell Group, we work throughout the South Florida area and Naples, providing only the best quality disaster damage restoration services!   

These are just a few of the factors to keep in mind when selecting disaster restoration services in West Palm Beach. When you’re searching for restoration companies that you can trust it’s time to call the professional technicians at Dean Mitchell Group. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your restoration needs! Our goal is to restore your home to its original state.    

Consider Dean Mitchell Group your one-stop shop for all your water, fire and mold restoration needs. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (561) 881-8567 in West Palm Beach, or (239) 298-7253 in Naples, to find out more about our team and what we can do for you!  

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