Disaster Restoration Services

FaciliSmart Software Enables Healthcare Organizations and Hospitals to Prepare for Any Emergency Situation & Disaster

With An Active Hurricane Season On The Horizon, Program Can Be Key

Dean Mitchell Restoration, a South Florida based restoration company specializing in fire, water and mold damage serving healthcare, hospital, and assisted and independent living facilities, is proud to announce the addition of the faciliSmart system to their list of services. FaciliSmart, a web-based emergency preparedness and building management software tool simplifies disaster planning, helps to reduce loss in the event of an emergency, expedites the claims process, and gets clients back on their feet faster.

This software program, which in the state of Florida is only available through Dean Mitchell Restoration, is fully customizable and allows the entire team instant access to their critical systems, no matter where they are, allowing them to shut down and protect the systems in real time to reduce damage. “For example,” said Paul Licata, director of business development at Dean Mitchell Restoration. “If there is a hurricane or heavy rain storm and water gets into the building, or if there is an emergency situation with an agitated patient or family member in the building that authorities should be called in for, teams can pull up emergency plans right on their cell phones or tablets and will have the protocol for handling the situation at their fingertips.”

FaciliSmart also serves as a strong organization tool to clients that stores vital facility documentation – such as service records, warranty and insurance information, repair manuals and other crucial emergency information, in one place and can be accessed by anyone on the facilities team anytime, anywhere. The tool will help to expedite the claims process giving clients a full report of their property in pre-damage status.

“If the maintenance director is on vacation and can’t be reached, this system would let all employees gain access to information that could help them know, for example, where to find a water valve that could shut off a leak, reducing loss in the emergency situation saving the company money,” said Licata.

Additionally, this system can help to automatically contact critical personnel when it is activated saving time, worry and added expense. FaciliSmart clients will also have access to discounted restoration and repair pricing.

Since the program’s launch in early 2012, over 200 buildings and companies in Florida have enabled the program and have seen a 100% success rate. In fact, Richard Havens, director of engineering at Merin Hunter Codman, Inc., has installed faciliSmart in his offices to “minimize loss when the unexpected happens,” and has been more than pleased with the program.

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