faciliSmart™ is an online building management software (BMS) tool used by property and facility managers for apartment buildings, condos, hotels, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings nationwide. Useful for both disaster emergency planning and building maintenance management, faciliSmart™ can save building management companies and personnel hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by simplifying emergency disaster planning – making insurance claims faster and easier. faciliSmart™ also assists in documenting maintenance schedules and preventing loss due to unforeseen maintenance emergencies. faciliSmart™ is the #1 BMS system for building services management used by facilities professionals everywhere.

What is faciliSmart™?

Harness the power of the internet. The power of the world’s most advanced emergency preparedness and facility management software is at your fingertips with faciliSmart™. faciliSmart™ is your online portal to critical building systems, property documentation, emergency response plans and more.

Your new command center. Fully customizable for your unique property (or properties), faciliSmart™ allows you instant access to critical building systems to minimize loss. faciliSmart™ shows you were critical systems are, how to shut them off and who to call and also features real-time project communications, giving your staff one convenient hub for all things property-related.

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