Water Damage Restoration Company

Find A Reliable Water Damage Restoration Company In Riviera Beach

Water damage may start as a small problem, but if not cleaned up quickly, it can cost you thousands of dollars in repair, especially if mold and mildew begin to set in. At Dean Mitchell Group, we provide industry-leading techniques to help restore your home to its former glory. Because water damage can occur at any moment, we offer an immediate emergency response team to handle all your water damage issues. With years of experience under our belt, we are one of the most reliable water damage restoration companies in Riviera Beach and throughout Florida. Our goal is to ensure that your home or business is safe and secure as soon as possible.

What makes a top water damage restoration company in Riviera Beach?

At Dean Mitchell Group, we offer a few viable options for those who need water damage restoration and repair:

Immediate Loss Prevention Measures

When our homes and businesses suffer the ravages of water damage, the first thing you, as a homeowner, want to do is avoid further damage. At Dean Mitchell Group, we offer years of knowledge and expertise to help homeowners and business owners learn where to start, what to do, and, most of all, how they can save their property.


Dean Mitchell Group is always available to customers for 24/7 emergency services. Our emergency team will arrive at your home or business and perform an extensive inspection of the damaged area(s). We will check the structural foundation of walls, flooring, roofing, and more. Once we’ve gained an accurate picture of the situation, we’ll work with you to clean up the mess! With the information we collect from extensive inspections, we will sit down with you and come up with a workable plan of action and provide a free estimate at that time. Once we have agreed on what’s involved with the water restoration process, our team can move forward.

Drying & Restoring 

Once we have the go-ahead from you, we’ll work diligently to restore, refurbish, and dry all damaged areas in your home with our state-of-the-art cleaning and drying equipment. This can be an extensive process, as water damage needs to be cleaned, dried, and repaired with precision. Water damage that is not taken care of within 48 hours can lead to mold and mildew growth.


At Dean Mitchell Group, our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service and exceptional work. Part of that customer service includes communicating efficiently to our customers so that they feel involved every step of the way. We’ll even chat with your insurance company on your behalf, as well!

With our trusted name, satisfied customers, and a variety of talented contractors, painters, plumbers, carpenters, and more in our group, why go anywhere else for your water damage restoration needs? Dean Mitchell Group offers top-of-the-line products and exceptional services. If you’re looking for a water damage restoration company in Riviera Beach, call Dean Mitchell Group today and see how our professionals can make the restoration process easier on you. You can call us anytime at (561) 881-8567.

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