Fire Restoration West Palm Beach

Accidents can happen at any time and although nobody wants to think about a fire in their home, it does happen. If you’ve had a fire in your home that has caused significant damage, you need to hire a fire restoration team in Riviera Beach. Dean Mitchell Group provides 24 hour full service fire restoration in Riviera Beach and the surrounding areas. If you ever have a fire in your home that leaves significant damage, call our team at Dean Mitchell Group for the best fire restoration in Riviera Beach.  

What services are included when I hire a fire restoration team?

With fire damage there can also be smoke damage to your home when a fire occurs. At Dean Mitchell Group we provide 24 hour emergency fire restoration work and can save you time and money following a loss. Our services will help recoup any damages from the fire, smoke, and soot damage in your home. The services that we offer when completing fire restoration work include:  

  • Immediate response and 24 hour emergency service  
  • Cleaning and deodorization  
  • HVAC decontamination and cleaning  
  • Document recovery  
  • Electronics recovery  
  • Debris removal  
  • Emergency board up 

Unlike other potential disasters, there is really no way to prepare for a fire. When a disaster occurs you need to take action quickly to salvage anything you can. Our team at Dean Mitchell Group can help with all your fire restoration needs in Riviera Beach. Don’t wait to call our team after a fire has occurred, the sooner you call us the more we can do for you! Our 24 hour emergency services allow us to help you anytime a disaster strikes, and we’re ready to help you in any way when a fire occurs in your home.  

Call Dean Mitchell Group today to get started.

To get the best help with fire restoration in Riviera Beach call our team at Dean Mitchell Group today. We offer 24 hour emergency services and our professionals are here to provide you with top quality fire restoration services. We understand that a fire in your home is very scary and frustrating. It’s important to hire a quality restoration team in the aftermath of a fire. Call the Dean Mitchell Group today to work with our team.  

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