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Five Reasons to Repaint Your Business

When it comes to advertising and promoting your company, one of the most important and commonly overlooked factors is the external presentation of your business itself. No matter what services or products you provide, your storefront sends an important message to potential customers. You want that message to be a positive one, but things like hard water stains, dirt, and graffiti have a negative impact on that perception. In some cases, having an unappealing external visage may even turn away potential customers.

Water or Environmental Damage

The most common cause of damage to a building’s exterior is environmental. We’ve all seen the yellow, orange, or red rainbows of rust and water damage marring once crisp white walls. Caused by sprinkler systems placed too close to the building, this rust is difficult to simply wash off, especially if it has had time to really bake into the paint.

Dirt and smog also contribute to your business looking dingy or dirty. Accrued because of wind and passing traffic, it’s unlikely you will notice the build up until it becomes fairly significant. Pressure washing is an option, but just as with rust, dirt that is left to sit for too long may bond to the paint, leaving residue behind.

Thankfully, these unappealing rust and dirt stains can easily be remedied by a fresh coat of paint. Unlike external paints of the past, modern technology has developed paints that are resistant to water and environmental damage, making it easier to maintain your new paint job for years to come. Dean Mitchell Group, a commercial painting company, can walk you through all your options and complete the job in as little as one day!


Graffiti and other forms of intentional damage to your business’ exterior are even more unappealing to customers. Hardly a new phenomenon, graffiti dates back to ancient societies when rebellious youth would tag their names or thoughts on public buildings. Today, graffiti may seem like a minor annoyance, but it can make it difficult for customers to identify or contact your company if it is placed over a logo or phone number.

Graffiti can be easily covered by a commercial paint company like Dean Mitchell Group. We can seamlessly cover even the largest, most colorful graffiti, leaving no traces behind. Anti-graffiti paint coating is also available, repelling repeat offenders.

Logo Change

If you’ve been in business for some time, or there’s been a change in ownership, updating your logo design or other information may be necessary. Paper signage or banners strung up over the old logo may be a temporary fix, but those things can be easily damaged or look cheap.

Update your company’s logo permanently by letting Dean Mitchell Group repaint the exterior! We can mix any custom shade for you as well as help you find complementary colors that will help it stand out against the walls of your building.

Drawing New Eyes

Be bold! Choosing a pop of color for your business’ exterior draws more eyes than a safe and boring white. While you don’t have to go for pink or neon green to draw attention, we can make it happen if you want it. Durable and designed to last, Dean Mitchell Group only uses the best paints to ensure your long-term satisfaction. Our team of professional painters can give your business a much-needed facelift that catches the eye of new and curious customers.

Business Expansion

Is it time to make your storefront space a little bit bigger? Whether you’re taking over the commercial space next door in a shopping plaza or building onto a stand-alone building, a fresh coat of paint is the vital final touch to your expansion project. Nothing is more off-putting than bare grey concrete or a clear line of demarcation between the two sides of your storefront. Let us help you effortlessly unite the new with the old. Our commercial painting company has the knowledge and experience to take your business to the next level! Call us for your free consultation!

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