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Mold is very pesky and for many reasons. Not only is it secretive, but it also grows at an alarming rate. One day, you might notice a small patch of mold in your bathroom, and the next day it’s double the size. Your first instinct might be to DIY the mold removal. However, doing this usually results in the mold growing back. You might see it disappear for some time, but it won’t take too long until it reappears. 

The best thing to do is contact an expert mold mitigation company in West Palm Beach, such as our team at the Dean Mitchell Group. 

As soon as you reach out to our team, we can come over to your house and start the mitigation process. Before you know it, your home will be mold-free again. 

Not sure if you need mold removal? Keep reading to see three signs that you have a mold problem.

You Are Consistently Sick or Congested

There are all kinds of reasons why someone is sick or congested. However, no one should feel sick 24/7 with no relief. 

If you have noticed that not a day passes where you aren’t coughing, sneezing, or congested, it could be mold in your home. It can be hard to determine that mold is the cause, though. That is why we recommend thinking about how you feel in different places. 

If you always feel sick and congested at your house, but it goes away when you leave or go to a friend’s, it could be your house. And more specifically, it could be mold in your home. The key is seeing that the feeling of being sick improves when you leave your house. You might not feel 100%, but it should be a noticeable improvement. Maybe keep track of how you feel in a notebook to see if anything’s similar.

Current or Previous Water Damage

If there’s one thing mold loves, it’s a hot, humid, and wet environment. If your home has all three of these factors, you can guarantee that mold will make itself at home. While your home is probably not like this as a whole, it could be the case in one room or area. If you have ever had water damage in the past or have it now, it could point to mold in your home. If the water damage was a thing of the past, try checking out the area it occurred. You want to either rule out mold or get to the bottom of it. Either way, our team at Dean Mitchell Group can assist with both water damage and mold damage. Whatever remediating and restoration you need, we have you covered.

A Musty Odor

The smell is a powerful sense, so if you think the smell in your house is off, you are probably right. The smell associated with mold is a mustiness. This smell is similar to an attic or a basement, but worse. One way to know for certain that the smell comes down to mold is to follow it throughout your home. 

We recommend walking throughout your house and seeing where the musty smell is the most powerful. When you think you have found the room where the musty smell is coming from, search around. You might need to look under counters, in random nooks and crannies, and other tiny places. But, after some searching, you should find the mold. 

Contact Dean Mitchell Group Today for Emergency Support!

If you see mold in your home, The Dean Mitchell Group offers emergency services and can help you. Mold may be scary, but it isn’t permanent. With our mold remediation team on your side, you can rest assured that your mold problem will get taken care of. However, you must call our team as soon as possible. Mold grows large quickly, making it able to spread to your clothes and furniture fast. To learn more about our mold remediation services in West Palm Beach, click here ( or give our team a call today at (561) 788-7347.

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