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When it comes to remodeling or building, chances are you’re looking for construction companies in West Palm Beach. If so, you’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of people search for construction companies online, but how does one know what all they offer? How does a person know whether or not that construction company will offer high-quality services? How do they know that the construction company will be responsive and professional? These are some of the many questions that homeowners and business owners have when hiring new contractors. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’ve seen how important it is for customers to know what to look for, and how to identify what all a contractor can do for them. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading! 

  1. Remodel Projects 

One of the top reasons people in South Florida decide to hire a contractor is for their remodeling services. Every contractor you come across should be licensed and ensured enough to handle a remodel project. Remodels are different from building projects, as they require the devastation of pre-built structures, and include putting something new in those places. Sometimes, it’s normal for homeowners and business owners to want to keep the majority of the structure of the home, while simultaneously changing the rest of the overall ambiance. 

  1. New Building + Add On Development

If you’re not remodeling, then you’re probably building. Building happens when companies, homeowners, or developers start from scratch. This includes laying the foundation, and building the walls. Sometimes, homeowners may decide to add onto their homes. While this is considered an addition, it does include building from the ground up. Additions can be attached to the house, or they can be completely separate from the house, like a guest house or guest room.

  1. Remediation Projects

Something that all homeowners and business owners hope they never have to go through is a remediation. Yet, nature does happen and she can be devastating. Whether it’s a hurricane, storm, fire, mold, or wind damage, many people end up filing for remediation assistance. At Dean Mitchell Group, our remediation services are popular, as South Florida tends to have plenty of natural disasters. Because we’re experts at building and remodeling, people tend to hire our company as a one-stop-shop. From the remediation process, to remodeling, to building, we’ve got you covered. 

  1. Painting 

Last, but not least, a construction company can help you with aesthetic services, such as painting. Whether you’re painting the inside of your home, or the outside, it’s amazing to see what a new paint job can look like. Instantly, it can change the ambiance of your home or office. If you’re painting the outside, your curb appeal value increases dramatically. 

If you’re looking for construction companies in West Palm Beach, contact Dean Mitchell Group today. We’ve been in the industry for years, making us one of the top choices in the area. Not only are we incredibly professional, but we’re also detailed and particular about our craftsmanship. When choosing a quality construction company, you’ll want to know that they’ll be responsive, careful, compassionate, and prompt. At Dean Mitchell Group, you can count on all of those elements and more. Contact our team today at 561-881-8567. We’re here when you need us!

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