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South Florida is home to a great many natural disasters, including flooding, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. While the weather is sunny almost every other day, the air still remains hot and full of humidity and moisture. While the sunshine state can be a great place to live, the mix of tropical rains mixed with hot and humid weather can bring mold and mildew to almost any home, which is why so many people seek mold restoration services in South Florida. 

If you’re dealing with mold, you’re not the only one. The challenge is, that most individuals don’t notice they’re dealing with mold until it’s too late. And by “too-late” we mean visible. Chances are once mold has made its way to the surface and you can see the damage it’s causing, the problem has already started and already put you at risk! 

With these next signs on what to look for, we’re hoping that you catch your mold issue sooner rather than later! Keep reading to learn more. 

Odor Associated with Mold

One of the most common signs of mold is a musty odor. Mold releases a strange smell that can smell stale or moist. Unfortunately, smelling the mold is only part of the battle and probably the easiest part to get rid of. The challenge for homeowners and business owners will be the need to find where the mold is growing. Generally, the smell comes first, and the sight comes second, but every situation is unique. If your home or business smells odd, like moisture settling, mold, or “earthy” contact the Dean Mitchell Group to see how we can help!

Standing Water 

If you’ve recently dealt with a flood or a water leak, then there’s a good chance you’re also dealing with mold or very close to it. What many people don’t know is that mold can grow within only a few hours, or within a few days. For individuals who have had internal water leaks, bathroom sink leaks, or pipe leaks, mold can grow without warning. Mold also spreads quite easily, and the spores could have been carried to other areas of your home. This is why if you see standing water, it’s best to clean it quickly. If you notice that an AC unit, an appliance, or a pipe has been leaking, it’s a good idea to have professionals assess the possibility for mold damage as soon as you notice it. 


Sometimes, mold doesn’t need standing water to grow, so much as it needs an abundant supply of humidity. In the tropical state of Florida, humidity is a natural component that we have in bulk! If your home carries over 60% humidity, then you’re at risk for spontaneous mold growth. The downside to humidity-driven mold growth is that it can grow anywhere, and it’s quite challenging to find the source. Once this happens, it can be treated and the problem can be fixed with the help of a professional. Humidity is an entirely different cause, so you’ll want to make sure the experts take a look at all the ways it could affect your home!

Water Spots 

Have you ever looked up at the ceiling and noticed that there’s a brown or yellow spot? This can also happen on walls, under bathroom vanities, or near appliances that are fastened into the structure of your home. Water spots indicate that there’s a leak to be aware of, and if there’s noticeable discoloration, it’s probably because the leak has been building for quite some time. As mentioned above, it doesn’t take mold long to start growing, and if the leak in question has been cultivating for a while, mold is almost guaranteed! In many cases, this can be quickly fixed, but there are instances where a water spot leads to multiple types of damage.

Poor Ventilation 

Many people know that mold can grow with standing water, but did you know that mold can grow if there’s poor ventilation? An example of this would be bathrooms without the proper exhaust, or kitchens without enough room to release the steam from stovetops. This is why AC circulation is important in the state of Florida, as it keeps the air flowing. Poor ventilation can also lead to an excess of humidity in your home

The onset of Allergies or Allergy-Like Symptoms

Allergies can come from various places, including pets and pollen, but if there’s mold in your home, you could also be experiencing allergies or symptoms of allergies. If you’ve noticed an increase in eye-irritation, itchy-throat, skin rashes, or something similar, there may be mold in your home. The best way to know what the cause of your irritation is is to contact an expert to check your home for mold and damages. Don’t wait until the problem progresses and your health continues to plummet.

Dean Mitchell Group Can Help!

Handling mold is not easy. First, you’ll need to identify the source, repair the water damage, and then fix the mold. You’ll need to ensure that every ounce of the moisture is dried and that the mold won’t come back. At Dean Mitchell Group, we help our clients by offering mold restoration services in South Florida. Whether you’re looking for repairs, replacements, or renovations, you can count on our team to make a difference. With professionalism, contractor skillsets, and quality craftsmanship, why choose anywhere else? Contact us today at 561-881-8567.

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