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Did you know that in 2017, 23 billion dollars in property damage happened due to fires? Now, because of the California wildfires, those numbers are higher than usual. Yet, it’s clear to see that not only is a fire devastating, but it’s also expensive. There’s nothing scarier than being involved in a fire and having all of your belongings and your home destroyed. If you’ve recently experienced fire damage, chances are you’re in need of a fire restoration service. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’re sensitive to such devastating moments, which is why so many individuals come to our team for help. If you’re facing a fire, there’s no question that you’re wondering what steps come next. Keep reading to learn what to expect from a fire restoration team, and how we can be of service. 

Step One: A Fire Restoration Assessment 

The first thing a restoration specialist will assist with is assessing the damage. This will help them to understand the scope of the project, as well as what to expect along the way. How deep did the fire penetrate the home? How much smoke damage is there? Will the AC vents need to be cleaned? How many surfaces will need completely repaired or replaced? Do the walls and floors need to be gutted? All of these different factors will play a large role in pricing and time. 

Only Hire Experts 

There are many companies out there that say they’re skilled in remediation, yet, when you’re dealing with something as severe as fire damage, you’re going to want to know that you have a team of professionals ready to help. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’ve been in the industry for years, and we’ve helped hundreds of people repair their damaged homes. The reason it’s crucial to hire an expert is because it is a sensitive repair job. There shouldn’t be any smoke or soot left behind, and there certainly shouldn’t be any signs that a fire happened. 

Let’s Get Cleaning 

When a restoration expert arrives, they’ll first start by assessing the security of the foundation. If you have a fire, the hope is that the fire didn’t penetrate to the core of the home. You hope that any damages are all external, and easy to fix. However, if the damage is internal, then the experts will need to plug any holes and aid in any weak foundations. This can be structurally on the bottom, or on the top from the roof. Either way, both are incredibly important in terms of a safe and secure home. 

Once they’ve determined how deep the fire went, they can begin the cleaning and removal process. This means scrubbing and sanding the surfaces in order to get rid of the smoke. Sometimes, fires cause mold as well by leaving open spaces. When there’s a fire, experts automatically check for any moisture that may have arrived afterward. This process includes removing debris, and working to clean unwanted clutter. 


After the cleaning comes the repairing, and that means restoring anything that has been damaged. This is often where the remodel section comes into play. Repairs generally fall into two categories. Either there’s fire damage or smoke damage. Wood surfaces tend to take the brunt of the damage, which can be devastating for floors, baseboards, and the internal structures, should they be built with wood. 


Last, but not least, if a repair wasn’t’ going to cut it, then a renovation will have to do. This means taking out structures, taking out walls, and taking out flooring. Then, the remodeling experts will need to come in and build your new surfaces from scratch. While it can be devastating to deal with fire damage, there’s also an element of newness that can sometimes be a sweet salve to the otherwise upsetting incident. 

If you’re looking for fire restoration experts, contact the team at Dean Mitchell Group. We’re professionals in our field, and we know how strenuous this time can be. Don’t trust anyone else when you have our team to help! Contact us at 561-881-8567.

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