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To the untrained eye, an apparently small issue could be masking a looming disaster. While the waterproofing problems we share below won’t be the same for everyone, these are the most common ones. Therefore, the integrity of your household structure depends on how attentively you go through the information we share below.  

Signs of Waterproofing Problems  

They might seem small, but they are a ticking bomb ready to explode with a hefty repair cost. To minimize your expense, pay attention to these signs.  

  • Blistering paint  
  • Mold and mildew infestation  
  • Rust on the concrete  
  • Cracked walls  
  • Rising damp 
  • White drip stains on the edges of your balcony  
  • A bubble that holds water in your paint  

Water Proofing is a critical element in preserving the monetary value of your living space. Poor Water, in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, can lead to concrete cancer, cracks, and structural defects. We don’t intend to scare you but rather inform you about the looming threat your property might be carrying.  

Places to Look For Water Proofing Problems  

Waterproofing problems can occur anywhere in the building, especially if the construction process is rushed. However, a few prime locations are most susceptible to waterproofing problems.

The Rooftop  

Your living space’s rooftop bears the brunt of harsh weather, snow, and substantial rainfall. Moreover, it covers the entire structure of your home. So, if there are waterproofing problems, the entire structure of your house is at risk.  

After substantial rain or snow melts, go up to your roof and see if water is collecting in a specific area. If it is collecting, check for clogged gutters – they are the main culprit. Moreover, if the water is dormant in specific locations despite your gutters being clean, it’s a sign your roof has design issues. The only affordable way out of design issues is to clean the water immediately after snow melts or rains.  

Drain and Plumbing  

Faulty plumbing and leaking drains can be hard to spot if you don’t know what you are looking for. Moreover, they can lead to substantial financial and structural damage to your house. Therefore, frequent maintenance is the key to minimizing your repair cost. Because when your drains are cleaned and checked, there isn’t much room for a substantial waterproofing problem.  

Doors and Window Seals  

Windows and doors have seals to keep water at bay. If they are cracked or damaged, a bigger problem might be making its way into your monthly budget. Regular checks and cleaning are the best for keeping your doors and window seals as good as new. Moreover, if you live in an area that attracts plenty of rainfall, always be ready to clean water after the rain stops. This is because window and door seals don’t remove water completely. When left unchecked, mold and mildew start to grow.  

Common Causes of Water Proofing Waterproofing Failure  

Waterproofing failure is due to poor workmanship. However, the use of a disproportionate membrane is also a prime suspect. Here are all the causes of waterproofing failure.  

Issues From the Houses Above Yours 

Poor workmanship on higher-level floors can lead to waterproofing problems. This happens when the roof is flat and water starts to accumulate after heavy rainfall. You can’t do much about it but complain to the building authority or talk to the people on the higher floor to get it fixed. Although you might think you are safe, the water might reach your house later, if not sooner.  

Poor Workmanship  

The root cause of waterproofing problems is poor workmanship, which is common in rushed construction projects but that’s not all. Even carefully planned projects tend to have waterproofing problems due to wrong product specifications. Sometimes, the membrane isn’t the right size, which collects water in specific areas, and the slope isn’t designed to channel water in the drainage system.  

Lack of Maintainance  

Lack of maintenance is also a prime cause of waterproofing problems because it can lead to concrete cancer. Even tiny leaks and cracks should be immediately dealt with. Otherwise, they could manifest into a mold infestation. Plus, you should frequently clean your house’s existing window and door seals to prevent water collection.  

Take Action With Dean Mitchell 

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