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Innovative Restoration & Management Technology for Coast-to-Coast Care

The Dean Mitchell group provides value clients with the most innovative restoration and management technology for coast-to-coast care. As modern technology has advanced by leaps and boundsmany people who are involved with home restoration, reconstruction and contracting are doing their best to keep up the pace. Architects, designers, homeowners, and specialists like the team at Dean Mitchell Group strive to stay on top of emerging trends and make the most of the cutting-edge technology implementation. 

Every reconstruction or remodeling project is different, and getting a quick completion time is often dependent on how well organized a company is. One of the many things that makes Dean Mitchell Group stand out from the rest is our uncompromising high standards. Part of that means being a company with good planning, and the technological power to connect, organize and protect the properties and belongings of Dean Mitchell Group customers.  

Dean Mitchell Group construction technology helps our diverse team to do things like electronically file permits, quickly locate and access critical building systems, communicate with appropriate parties quickly, and efficiently manage even the most complicated projects. Our POI services guarantee quick turn-around for things like photo content inventory, including cleaning and estimated replacement costs, with every item barcoded and identified as either repairable, salvageable or non-repairable by an unbiased third party. We are also using some of the most innovative and advanced software to help us do the hard jobs. 

Using New and Innovative Software for Hard Jobs 

The best thing about the technological advances in our field is that now there is amazing software available to help us more effectively manage even the most complicated jobs! At the Dean Mitchell Group, we are staying at the forefront of technology and utilizing the newest and most efficient crisis mitigation software called faciliSmart™. 

This is touted as “the world’s number one crisis mitigation software [A smarter way to prepare for emergency situations; a better way to protect your property before during and after a crisis and a faster way to recover from emergencies.” 

 At Dean Mitchell Group, we love utilizing faciliSmart™ as our online building management software (BMS) tool. It is most useful for property and facility managers for apartment buildings, condos, hotels, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings nationwide. We have found it a valuable tool for both disaster emergency planning and building maintenance management, because faciliSmart™ can save building management companies and personnel hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by simplifying their emergency disaster planning –which in effect makes insurance claims faster and easier.  

FaciliSmart™ also assists in documenting maintenance schedules and preventing loss due to unforeseen maintenance emergencies. Ease of use is very important to the popularity of any kind of advanced technology. With faciliSmart™ photography and documentation of pre-loss condition, averting a catastrophe and staying on top of building maintenance has never been easier. 

Some of the other highly functional benefits of faciliSmart™ include:

  • It’s fully customizable for your unique property (or properties) allow us instant access to critical building systems to minimize loss. Its shows us where critical systems are, how to shut them off and who to call and also features real-time project communications, giving your staff one convenient hub for all things property-related. 
  • It allows us to store pre-established emergency protocols, insurance documents and maintenance schedules. These should always be readily organized and available to help prevent or lessen the severity of many emergency situations. 
  • It connects us with swift access to machines and systems, critical information, such as emergency contacts, contractors and personnel, all easily attained with one click. 
  • It organizes important facility documentation, like service records, warranty information and repair manuals, which can now be stored all in one place, and remain accessible via mobile phones, tablets or personal computers – to any member of your facilities team – anytime, anywhere. 

Dean Mitchell Group is here to provide coast-to-coast care for our South Florida customers in need of high quality remodeling, restoration, reconstruction and painting services.

Call us today to see how one of our convenient locations can make your life easier with the most innovative restoration and management technology.  

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