Mold in homes may be dangerous and costly, primarily if black mold infests. The presence of black mold around your home may result in a wide variety of devastating health complications. Mold affects the respiration process in humans. This attribute makes you susceptible to becoming ill, especially if you are prone to allergies or a patient of asthma.  

If you have persistent exposure to the mold, you may experience chronic coughing, rashes, sneezing, constant headache, irritation to the throat, eyes, and nose, and fatigue. However, there is no robust evidence that the mold can cause memory loss, inability to focus, and fatigue. 

How to tell there Is a Mold Infestation in Your Home? 

Mold is most common and evident in the black spots on shower curtains and slick films forming on the kitchen drain. Mold can even appear as fuzzy patches on the house floor, mainly in the basement.  

Who Is more Prone to the Effects of Mold Exposure? 

Mold exposure can trigger respiratory issues for residents, but its implications are swifter for people with allergies and asthma. Again, exposure to mold can affect infants and the elderly at a higher rate. Lastly, residents with prolonged lung disease, liver disease, or compromised immune systems, such as those living with cancer and HIV, are more susceptible to experiencing impacts of mold exposure. 

It is impossible to evade mold exposure around your home, and the sure way to avoid its impacts is by removing it. 

Eradicating Mold 

Mold mitigation is a comprehensive procedure that needs patience, proper equipment, and protective gear. 

Steps of Mold Removal 

Below are vital steps and undertakings entailed in mold removal: 

• Remove any sources of moisture. 

• Seal any openings and doorways. 

• Wear protective clothing like a facemask and respirator. 

• Scrab the surface using a sponge soaked in soap to remove any visible mold. 

• Use commercial products to clean the surface thoroughly.  

Dean Mitchell Group in Naples, FL, understands the essence of the above undertakings, applying each as necessitated by the extent of mold issue in your home. 

Stages of Mold Removal 

You need to renovate walls and surfaces to decimate your home. There are several stages of mold eradication that you must follow for effective mold decimation.  

• Stabilizing the environment 

• Testing the free air quality 

• Remediate microbic growth 

• Detecting electronic equipment 

• Transforming the facilities and contents of the residence to an occupiable state. 

At Dean Mitchell Group, we are committed to ensuring that each stage is exceptionally done. 

We have a team of licensed and qualified remediation technicians and supervisors trained in mold remediation and water damage. This team effectively meets all your restoration, painting, and construction needs to clear and mitigate mold growth. 

Why Dean Mitchell Group? 

We provide a world-class service for mold removal, enhanced by a unique team of professionals equipped with knowledge about cost-effective responses to your wall and surface renovation needs. Our team offers you explicit services using the most appropriate tools and equipment based on the state of your wall or surface. This expertise is critical in assuring you of a long-lasting solution for mold problems around your home. Also, our pricing is convenient and affordable for all clients across Naples, FL, and nearby areas. 

Contact us today for an appointment to get professional assistance in inhibiting mold growth around your home to enhance your health. 

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