At Dean Mitchell, we know that detecting problems with waterproofing in a home or commercial building isn’t always as obvious as wet walls or a pool of water on the floor. We employ skilled experts who can spot clues such as molds and fungus, areas of rot and decay and even harmful waterborne microbes. Then we determine the location and cause of the water intrusion, repair any damage and treat the dwelling appropriately. Whether your problem is a result of groundwater seepage or problems with structural integrity, Dean Mitchell has the expertise to create the appropriate barrier to keep damaging moisture outside.

At Dean Mitchell, we can guide you through the various applications and find the perfect solution to fit your situation and budget. Preventing water damage before it happens will save major inconvenience and expense. At Dean Mitchell, we offer an array of waterproofing coatings to protect your home or business now, thus preventing damage and saving on the cost of future repairs. No matter the size of the home or commercial building and its construction, we have the perfect waterproofing system to keep it dry and damage-free.

Rely on us for:

  • Walls and floors can be sealed with watertight lining
  • High-quality multi-coat systems can create barriers to moisture
  •  Concrete-based coatings, epoxies and high-tech bituminous formulations can provide strong protection in high risk areas

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