Pack-out Inventory (POI) Services

A disaster of any size to your home, office or facility mandates a comprehensive strategy which can be handled effectively and quickly. Our POI services guaranty rapid turn-around photo contents inventory, including cleaning and estimated replacement costs. Each and every item will be bar-coded and all contents will be identified as either repairable, salvageable or non-repairable by an unbiased third party. You receive upfront inventory lists that provide for better tracking to minimizing loss and get claims settled with greater ease.

Quick, Accurate and Efficient Data Entry

  • POI is used “on-site”. With POI’s portable printer, the homeowner or commercial agent will receive a Packing List within minutes of the last item being loaded
  • Full objective descriptions for each item avoids costly disputes
  • POI system automatically categorizes each item into a Product Group
  • Photos and notes are added automatically
  • Ensure accuracy with multiple photos and notes

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