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Water damage is a common but serious problem that should be immediately resolved. In South Florida, hurricane season poses additional risks to your home, such as leaking roofs and flood damage. You can better protect yourself this hurricane season by following our hurricane preparedness checklist, a simple, but effective guide for residents of West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida. If the unfortunate does happen and your home is faced with water damage, our water damage restoration company will immediately respond to extract and dry out moisture-damaged structures. In addition to contacting Dean Mitchell Group, you should perform the following steps to quickly get on the road to recovery.

Stop Water Damage

If the water is still causing damage and you have identified the source, stop it to prevent further damage, if possible. For example, if you’re experiencing water damage because of a busted pipe, shut off the valves. If a tropical storm caused flooding, it’s recommended to turn off the electricity in your home at the circuit breakers.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Before contacting a water damage restoration company, you should call your insurer. Depending on your policy, it’s possible that your homeowner’s insurance covers flood damage. Your provider will send out an adjuster to inspect your home and determine if the damages are covered under your insurance policy.

If there is moisture or standing water in the home, it’s crucial you get this resolved as quickly as possible before it causes further damage. We respond to emergencies immediately, so it’s likely that a contractor from Dean Mitchell Group will arrive to begin the remediation process before the insurance adjuster. As a result, it’s recommended that you take pictures of the damaged property/items before the restoration begins. You may also want to take pictures during and after the work is complete for your insurance claim.

Contact Dean Mitchell Group

In many cases, the water damage is too extensive for families to clean on their own. Even if you think you can handle the cleanup, it’s recommended that you contact trained technicians to dry and treat the area. Improper drying of your property can lead to mold growth and additional structural damage. By contacting our water damage restoration company, you can guarantee that our team will thoroughly remove the water from your home. Our services include:

  • Powerful truck-mounted extraction units
  • Heavy-duty portable extraction units
  • Submersible pumps
  • Moisture meters
  • Anti-microbial & sanitizing solutions
  • HEPA air filtration devices
  • Emergency stand-by crews
  • Specialty drying equipment
  • Remote monitoring of temperature & relative humidity

We use powerful equipment to extract all the water from the premises to minimize damage, but our work doesn’t stop there. In most cases, water remains in areas that are harder to reach, which we dry out by using specialty drying equipment, refrigerant, or desiccant dehumidification.

In many cases, furniture gets damaged, as well. Our team uses specialized techniques to dry out your furniture and other personal belongings if they can be restored. If your large furniture is extensively damaged, you should replace it. 

Because water works quickly, damaging drywall, insulation, and flooring, it’s recommended that you contact our water damage restoration company immediately after getting in touch with your insurance provider.

Restore And Move-In

At dean Mitchell Group, our team works quickly to provide quality restoration services. Nevertheless, water remediation and the insurance claims process typically take the most time when homeowners are recovering after water damage. Having patience and a safe place to stay, like a family member, close friend or neighbor will help things to go more smoothly. 

Once that’s complete, you can finally begin returning your home to its pre-loss condition. If this involves reconstruction, we have the resources to help you get back on your feet. We wanted to provide our customers with easy access to general construction services alongside other specialty trades. So, we began our construction division that consists of a full team of qualified and licensed:

  • Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Flooring specialists

When your home has completely returned to its pre-loss condition, it’s time to move in!

Contact Us

For water damage and mold mitigation, contact the team at Dean Mitchell Group. We are dedicated to providing high-quality remediation services. We focus on the needs of our clients and hope to establish a long-term relationship with all of them. Contact us at (561) 468-3038 for 24/7 emergency support.

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