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Just imagine the devastating consequences of a fire on your property and how you feel in the aftermath of these events.

Even though fires are classified into a single group, the damages to any property vary.

To make a full recovery, you should know the forms of fire damage and how fire restoration plays a role in dealing with these issues. 

The more you know, the better prepared you will be in the fire’s aftermath and can avoid critical mistakes during the recovery process. 

Keep reading to learn more!

Damage from Fires

Anytime there is a fire; the most apparent damages are from the flames and the heat inside the property. Fires take place in different forms to include

Furnace failures: Furnaces are one of the leading causes of fires during the colder months of the year when you are burning the heat at night. In these situations, the furnace breaks down and causes smoke to go around your property. The smoke gets into the walls, curtains, dishes, and all over your property. 

Complex fires: These fires are from synthetics you have burning inside your home and leave behind a greasy, yellow resin. 

Outdoor fires: Outdoor fires start outside when bushes, trees, and shrubs are burning near your property. The smoke from the fires comes inside and leaves behind order and residue on the walls, drapery, and your items. 

Cooking fires: These fires are from cooking on a stove or oven, and the burning foods leave a smoky, food-like order behind on the surfaces and inside different items.  

Knowing the different kinds of fires is critical to understanding how each one can damage your property. 

Dean Mitchell Group can help, as we are locally owned, respond quickly, know how to process insurance claims effectively, and will complete everything promptly. We are one of the top construction services firms in all of South Florida and understand what you are going through in the aftermath of a fire. 

The Damages Beyond The Fire

After the fire is over, you want to quickly limit the collateral damage from the fire on your property. The most significant factor is smoke spreading everywhere and causing changes to the interior and your personal belongings. 

For example, even if you air out the property, the smoke resin and ash can cause metals, linens, and other materials to break down. Your glass has a hazy etching, and the metals have a tarnish that reduces the reflection. The walls will change colors, and your appliances can start to have a yellowish haze. The odors have a smoky scent that is difficult to remove and leaves behind a funky smell. 

Dean Mitchell Group knows fire restoration, and we are experts in what needs to be done to ensure your property goes back to normal. We are available 24 hours a day; perform recovery services, debris removal, and deodorization. 

Why Restoration Matters?

After a fire, you should call a professional who is trained to deal with direct, indirect, and collateral damage. The residue is hazardous to your health and can cause issues that affect your lungs and circulatory system. 

Secondly, cleaning up everything yourself makes the damage much worse from not knowing how to eradicate the after-effects. 

The best approach is to call in trained experts that know how to handle these situations and can fully restore your property. Professionals have the tools, skills, and knowledge to ensure the after-effects of the fire are dealt with appropriately. 

The Dean Mitchell Group has the experience, knowledge, training, and tools to help you fully restore your property in the after-effects of a fire. We have favorable reviews from a variety of clients throughout South Florida that are dealing with these issues. 

Knowing about fires, the after effects, and fire restoration helps you to understand what to do after a fire. Call the Dean Mitchell Group today at 561-944-7899 and see why we are the best in the business for restoration and construction services. Don’t try to do everything yourself and call in the professionals to help you recover. We are on 45th Street, near the Ball Park of Palm Beach and Palm Beach Lakes Community High School. 

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