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Mold is a silent type of property damage. It sneaks up on owners because it spreads silently and usually in hidden locations. There are also no hacks that can give you a definitive answer of if you have mold or not unless you actually see the mold. 

With water damage, property owners usually notice that their water bill has increased drastically. But mold does not offer this luxury. 

That is why you must know the signs to look for. Even if you think mold could never happen to you, here in Florida it can. 

Most people do not think they can get mold until they actually see it in their home or business. This is mainly because we don’t realize how humid our air truly is. If you’re someone who enjoys leaving the windows open to enjoy the breeze or even someone who lives close to water, mold is not too far away.

While mold can grow if you do not clean, more often than not, it’s from water damage, poor ventilation, and other factors. 

Keep reading to learn the signs of mold damage and how mold mitigation can help you.

There’s a Strange or Dirt Like Odor

Mold is usually very secret, but it does have an odor when it gets big enough. The mold odor can be compared to the smell of wet dirt or the smell of humidity. It’s a challenging odor to describe, but you know it when you smell it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the smell may not travel from one place to the other, even if the mold does. The best thing to do is contact a mold removal company to trace the source and any other places it may have spread. 

If want to check for yourself in the meantime, and you have a hard time finding the source, we recommend looking in nooks and crannies and places like the attic. Mold is usually in dark, wet, and warm areas.

Unusual Humidity

Humidity doesn’t always mean that there is mold. But if you have noticed unusual humidity lately, it could point to mold. With mold thriving in warm, wet, and dark areas, a humid environment is a perfect place for it to form and grow. 

The warmer it is, the faster it will grow too. 

If you do have a humid environment but don’t see any mold, you should consider two things. 

First, have a restoration company, such as the Dean Mitchell Group, come out to inspect the home or business. 

You want to rule out mold instead of assuming. Assumptions could lead to mold growth that exists in much larger quantities. 

Next, we recommend fixing the source of the humidity. That way, you can rest assured that mold does not continue to grow.

Puddles or Droplets of Water

Water is one of those factors that contribute to mold growth. Without water in your home or business or water damage in general, your chances of getting mold damage are not as high. 

However, it’s still possible. 

With that said, one way to see if you have a mold problem is to pay attention to standing water or leaks around the home or business. Our mold mitigation team recommends walking around and examining every room.

Start with the bathroom and kitchen to see if you have any pipe problems or leaks. Then, consider heading into the attic to see if you have a roof leak. Then, check around the rest of the home or business. 

If you notice any standing water or water damage, investigate the area and see if any mold nearby. If there is, our mold mitigation team can help.

Contact Dean Mitchell Group for Your Mold Remediation Needs!

If you have evaluated your home or business and found mold or, if you are unsure our team at Dean Mitchell Group can help. 

After having our mold removal and mitigation team come out, you can rest assured that you will be mold-free, and the mold-damaged area will be properly restored. 

To learn more about remediation, visit our website

To have our team examine your property, give us a call at (561) 788-7347.

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