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Three Steps a Water Damage Restoration Company will Take after a Hurricane

Hurricane season is headed out, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a possibility another will strike. Earlier in the year, Florida had a scare with a monster, category five hurricane. Thankfully, the hurricane headed off the coast, but left many with severe damages and flooding. If you’re ever in a situation where your home or business is being threatened with damaging winds, rain, and flooding, you’ll want to call a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Most individuals wonder how that process works. Do they repair? Do they remove the water? Is there any test for bacteria? At Dean Mitchell Group, we specialize in water damage remediation, and we’re here to help you know what to expect. Keep reading to learn more.

Step One from a Water Damage Restoration Company: Assessment

The first step a water damage restoration company will take is to assess the damage. They’ll come to your home or office and see just how bad the devastation is. From there, they can begin to create a plan of action. You may need content pack-out services, or you might simply need a roof repair. Whatever the case may be, the experts with years of professionalism and knowledge can help you assess your needs.

Step Two: Clear the Water

Using special equipment, Dean Mitchell Group contractors can begin removing the water. The heavy-duty machinery works to suck out the liquids once and for all. If they think, for any reason, that there may be some moisture left underneath rugs or behind floorboards, they’ll do a moisture test with a metering device. This will give them an idea of any mold issues, as well as any additional moisture left behind. This service ensures that your home or office will be water-free when they’re done. Otherwise, water left behind can cause mold issues and other serious damages.

Step Three: Check for Bacteria

The team will check within the water to make sure that it is clean. They’ll also do a check after removing water to ensure that it is safe. They do their best to ensure that everything is clear, safe, and neat when they leave. This includes any bacteria that you can’t see. At Dean Mitchell Group, we want you and your family to be secure.

If you’re experiencing a flood, water damage, leaks, or hurricane damage, contact the experts at Dean Mitchell Group today. We have trained technicians specializing in extracting standing water, stabilizing the issue, and providing structure-drying techniques that will keep your home in pristine condition. The team will also provide a refrigerant or desiccant de-humidification practice. Our water mitigation services include powerful truck mounted extraction units, heavy-duty portable extraction units, submersible pumps, moisture meters, emergency stand-by crews, and more. Contact our team today at 561-881-8567. It’s time to take back your home or business from the dangerous grips of water.

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