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June marks the halfway point throughout the year, and that means taking a look at your needs for residential painting in Riviera Beach, Florida. Halfway through 2018 is an excellent time to look at your home and consider whether or not it’s time for a change. While painting is a very personal project, it doesn’t mean that a few trends here and there can’t be a helpful inspiration. This year, the patterns target towards those who are a bit more daring or looking to add some edge.

Black and Onyx are Top Choices for Residential Painting in Riviera Beach, Florida

Onyx is the new black, though both are here for good. Black accent walls have become quite popular for chic, modern homes. They give gold accessories the chance to shine against the darkness of the wall. It provides an edgy ambiance while keeping a room classy all at the same time. If black is a bit over the top, onyx comes in as a welcoming second. The color is perfect for lighter colored venues, and homeowners are still able to keep the edge, without making such a bold statement.

Berry colors are right behind the darker colors, as they still provide a statement. The difference is that their overall look is more lively, and perhaps less edgy. Purples and red hues are working wonderfully into modern or eclectic homes, primarily because of the way they can mix with retro, art deco, or 21st-century modernism. Alternatively, for those who are looking for cooler painting ideas, a blue-green mix is lovely for a beach vibe. Like the ocean, the refreshing colors give a peaceful ambiance, instantly providing a state of tranquility.

Dean Mitchell Group specializes in residential painting in Riviera Beach, Florida. They have a long-standing relationship with all of their clients, primarily because of the way they bring excellence to the table every time. With superior services, incredible customer care, and a team of qualified individuals, it’s easy to see why so many South Florida residents contact their offices for painting assistance and repair. If you’re looking to update the interior paint in your home, trust a company that has a vast array of experience. Their team has even painted shopping malls! Contact Dean Mitchell Group today for over two decades of experience and the highest standards of excellence.

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