Welcome to Sandoway Discovery Center, an enchanting marine wonderland located in the picturesque coastal city of Delray Beach, FL. If you’re eager to dive into the mysteries of the sea and explore the diverse marine life of South Florida, this hidden gem is a must-visit destination. With captivating exhibits, interactive experiences, and a strong focus on education and conservation, Sandoway Discovery Center promises an unforgettable journey that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the beauty and importance of our oceans. Discover more here.

Step into a world of marine marvels as you enter the Sandoway Discovery Center. The center boasts an impressive collection of captivating exhibits, showcasing an array of marine species native to South Florida. From graceful sea turtles and mesmerizing sharks to colorful tropical fish and majestic rays, each exhibit offers a unique glimpse into the wonders of underwater life. Unearth the beauty of Sandoway Discovery Center.

At Sandoway Discovery Center, learning becomes an exciting and interactive experience. Engaging programs cater to visitors of all ages, making it a fantastic destination for families, school groups, and curious individuals alike. Get hands-on with marine science classes, join guided tours that reveal the secrets of coastal ecosystems, and witness thrilling feeding sessions that bring you face-to-face with some of the ocean’s most intriguing inhabitants.

Beyond its mesmerizing displays, the Sandoway Discovery Center is deeply committed to marine conservation. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, the center educates visitors about the crucial role we play in preserving the delicate balance of our oceans. Through their inspiring sea turtle rehabilitation program, you’ll gain insight into the efforts made to rescue and rehabilitate these gentle creatures, fostering a sense of responsibility towards marine life.

The journey begins at the historic Sandoway House, an elegant beachfront home dating back to 1936. As you walk through the beautifully preserved house, you’ll immerse yourself in the history of Delray Beach and gain an understanding of how its natural beauty has been cherished and protected throughout the years.

Unleash your sense of wonder and embark on a marine adventure at Sandoway Discovery Center. Whether you’re a marine enthusiast, a conservation advocate, or simply seeking an extraordinary experience, this marine sanctuary in Delray Beach, FL, offers an unforgettable adventure that celebrates the marvels of the sea. Discover, learn, and be inspired as you delve into the world of marine life, making memories that will stay with you long after your visit.