Disaster Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Company in Riviera Beach

Flooding and water damage can cause a lot of problems in your home. If you have water damage you need a restoration company you can trust. Dean Mitchell Group is a water damage restoration company in Riviera Beach and we can help you when disaster has struck. We know that water damage and flooding can be extremely frustrating and we want to help with all your restoration needs. If you don’t properly remove the water in your home you could risk mold forming and causing more damage. The help from our team at Dean Mitchell Group will ensure that you get the help you need for the water damage in your home.  

When it comes to water damage it’s important to hire a team of professionals to help. Working with our water damage restoration company in Riviera Beach will ensure that your home is taken care of and you get the services needed to restore your home. At Dean Mitchell Group, we help with water damage restoration in the following ways:  

  • Remove water and any items with water damage 
  • Submersible pumps 
  • Moisture meters 
  • Monitoring of temperature and relative humidity  
  • Specialty drying equipment  
  • Emergency stand-by crews 

When you have water damage in your home there is no time to waste. You need to have it removed as quickly as possible and a team of professionals is the best way to extract all the water in your home. Dean Mitchell Group can help with all your water restoration needs in Riviera Beach. If you try to remove the water from your home without help from professionals you risk not doing a complete job and having mold form. It can also lead to additional structural damage to your home which leads to larger and more expensive repairs.  

Improper water removal and drying of damage structures can lead to more expensive repairs. If you’ve had water damage in your home don’t waste any time and call our professionals today. Dean Mitchell Group can provide you with all your water damage restoration needs in and around Riviera Beach. Don’t risk having additional damage or mold form because you didn’t have the water removed properly in your home. Call our professionals today.  

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