Wall in need of water damage restoration in Naples

A flood is one of the most frequent and devastating catastrophes your property may ever encounter. A water problem is upsetting and dangerous to your property’s security and value, regardless of whether you are dealing with a storm, flood, weak roof, HVAC leak, damaged pipes, overflowing appliances, or sewage backup. It’s critical to plan out a water damage restoration in Naples to stop property damage and put effective remedies in place.

Wall in need of water damage restoration in Naples

Immediate Actions to Take If Your Home Has Water Damage

Prevent Water Damage

To prevent the harm from worsening, you need to find and eliminate the source of the water issue. You can do the following:  

  • A burst pipe or a hot water tank leak is the most frequent cause of water damage. Make sure you are aware of and have utilized your shut-off valves.  
  • If a flood is expected, take precautions like ditching and sandbagging.   
  • Bring in a professional to identify the source of your ceiling leaks.  
  • Watch for mold warning signs, such as musty smells or discolored baseboards and ceilings.  

Protect Your Family, Appliances, and Valuables

Guaranteeing your and your family’s safety is the most crucial step in dealing with any significant home disaster, such as floods and water damage. You can take a number of actions to maintain your home’s security by asking experts about what you can purchase.

Switch Off Your Main Power Switch

Since electricity and water do not mix, it’s best to leave the situation alone. However, you should contact an electrician if you’ll have to enter or stand in wet areas to turn off the main power switch. If your home suffered flood damage, never forget to switch off the electricity before entering again.  

Wear Safety Equipment

When you enter your home again, wear protective clothing, such as rubber boots and gloves. This will shield you from water contaminated with bacteria and protect your skin from sharp or broken things.  

Secure Your Stuff

To avoid stains on the carpet, move wooden furniture out from beneath wet carpeting and place tin foil under the legs. Remove any rugs that might be on damp flooring as well.  

If the water level is high enough, you may be forced to evacuate your home. When you get back to your house to start dealing with the mishap, make sure it is also secure.   

Make an Insurance Company Call

The type of home insurance you need will depend on the policies you have. The insurance company will send their experts to inspect the damage, evaluate it, and decide whether it is a covered loss.   

It is also advisable to take as many pictures before, during, and after cleanup. If possible, take as many as you can of the values of anything you can think of. This will be helpful when the insurance company sends experts to visit and evaluate the damage.  

However, always remember that not all homeowner’s insurance policies include flood damage coverage.  

Dry Everything Off

You can practically prevent the growth of mold and mildew if you begin drying out your property within 24 hours.   

  • If at all feasible, lift wet furniture and remove it from flooded areas.  
  • To dry, remove and hang area rugs.  
  • Dehumidifiers and fans can be used to help dry off moist surfaces.  
  • To assist in eliminating humidity, turn on your air conditioning.  
kitchen floor in need of water damage restoration in Naples

Choosing the Best Company for Water Damage Restoration in Naples   

Water damage restoration requires extensive work. Call Dean Mitchell Group to get your home and life back to normal following a flood or other water damage. 

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