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What to Expect from Dean Mitchell: A Water Damage Restoration Company in West Palm Beach

Water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet, yet many people underestimate just how damaging the liquid can be. It starts, perhaps, as a small trickle. Maybe it’s a leak in the roof or a leaking faucet. Next thing homeowners know, they’re seeing a large water-spot form in their ceiling or in their drywall. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to have water issues dealt with right away. Otherwise, it’s possible for the liquid to penetrate through numerous layers of material, causing expensive repairs and devastation to other areas of a home. At Dean Mitchell Group, we’re a top water damage restoration company in West Palm Beach. Our reputation is well-known, as we offer multiple services, and perform them all with craftsmanship and professionalism. In this article, you’ll learn how our company handles water damage and how we can help you take back your house.

Water Mitigation from a Water Damage Restoration Company in West Palm Beach

First, it’s important to get an understanding for what water mitigation is. Water mitigation is the process of ensuring that the property is free of water-damage and any left-over moisture. If there is moisture that remains, it leaves a potential for mold growth. Mold only needs 24-hours and damp circumstances to begin. Once mold starts, it’s very challenging to make it stop. Water mitigation services from experts include powerful truck mounted extraction units, heavy-duty portable extraction units, submersible pumps, moisture meters, remote monitoring, anti-microbial solutions and sanitizing solutions, as well as emergency stand-by crews and special drying equipment.

If water damage does make your home unlivable, we offer content cleaning and restoration services. This means that we’ll pack up the valuables, materials, furniture, and objects within your home that are either at risk for damage or have been damaged already. From there, we’ll clean, disinfect, deodorize, and completely restore contents at approximately 25% of the replacement cost. Our team is construction-based, which means that we have what it takes to completely remodel a home, should it need it. Whatever your situation, you can rest at ease knowing that there’s a one-stop-shop company on your side.

If you’re looking for a water damage restoration company in West Palm Beach, reach out to the professionals at Dean Mitchell Group today. We also provide our clients with services such as mold remediation, pack-out inventory, fire disaster restoration, interior and exterior painting, and so much more. Why choose anywhere else when Dean Mitchell Group has the reputation, the skill, and the knowledge to make even the worst water damage case seem minimal. In no time, your haven will be back to normal and your family will be safe once again. Contact our team today at 561-881-8567. We can’t wait to help you back on your feet.

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