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Spotting mold in your home is one of the worst feelings. You might become quickly worried about your house, your health, and what your next moves are. Other standard concerns are how much the damages will cost and if it’s going to get worse. With that said, there are usually two avenues people consider. The first is DIYing the mold and attempting to get rid of it without professional help. Going down this path usually entails information from the internet or general knowledge. However, while it can get rid of the mold for some time, it typically doesn’t last for the long term.

The second avenue is going with a professional company, such as Dean Mitchell Group. A professional team may not seem necessary at first, but it can provide you with lasting results and a mold-free home. But, if you are still on the fence, let our team fill you in on the many reasons why you should consider professional mold restoration services in South Florida.

An Accurate Assessment

Before even jumping into how you can fix your mold problem, you want to know for certain if you have mold and what kind. It may seem like a no-brainer whether you have mold or not, but having an expert opinion can confirm your thoughts. It’s also necessary if you want to file an insurance claim with your insurance company.

After having a team come out to your place, you can also learn more about what type of mold you have and the next course of action. Depending on the many factors a professional assessment will reveal, will decide the best way to rid your home of the mold. But rest assured, whatever the results are, Dean Mitchell Group will get your home back to normal and mold-free.

Thorough Treatment and Removal

Many people think they can simply DIY mold removal with household supplies. However, it takes many products and chemicals to tackle the mold. It’s also critical to remember that mold spreads fast, and the spores can spread through the air. Without accurate treatment, you can risk leaving some mold behind. Thus, you have a repeat of the problem. In some situations, the mold can grow again but in a different area, sometimes even hiding.

With the help of mold restoration services in South Florida, you can also have peace of mind that you will not see mold growth due to the same problem. Our team makes sure we let you know what caused the mold damage so that you can address it. By doing this, you can avoid a repeat situation and avoid extensive repairs.

Puts More Money in Your Pocket

It might seem pricier up front to go with a professional as opposed to using cleaning products you already have, but it’s more expensive in the long term. Choosing to avoid going with a professional restoration company can allow the mold to grow back and have the entire process repeat itself. And the longer and more often you are exposed to mold, the likelier your health is to be impacted. With a professional cleaning up the mold damage, you can know the mold is gone and avoid health issues.

You can also save money by avoiding further property damage. Instead of constantly having to get rid of mold and the damage it causes, you can have one-and-done remediation.  Our team will come in and get rid of the mold and restore the room or area it damaged. You get everything you need to be done by one company and in a streamlined way.

Contact the Dean Mitchell Group Team Today!

If you noticed mold in your home, let the professionals take advantage of it. Not only will you save money and time, but you can trust that the mold will get removed successfully and thoroughly. Your home and your health don’t need to take a hit any longer. We make sure everything is as good as new by the time we get done.
To learn more about professional mold remediation and the Dean Mitchell Group, visit our website. Or, contact our team today at (561) 788-7347. Our team is looking forward to helping you get mold-free.

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